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“Make a Difference Management” & “Secrets to Finding Your Winning Management Style”

Learn how to find your winning management style and the secrets that so many managers are missing in their management approach.
You’ll learn techniques that streamline the path to success and accelerate your ability to become a great manager by avoiding key pitfalls
and hitting crucial success factors.

Manage Better, Experience Bigger Success — Based on proven techniques from the book “Master Your Middle Management Universe”, PLUS additional bonus features included only in seminar and workshop sessions!

We cover the 3 easy steps for MOGA management that are quick and effective, yet so elusive to many leaders. You’ll learn what characteristics great managers should have and what you should avoid, how to hold meetings the right way, the Top Twenty Morals for Great Management — plus much more!

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Additional Management Topics Mary speaks to include the following:

  • Great Ways to Pump Out Positive Management Principles Every Day
  • Managing Right with Relationship Reach and Results
  • Managing Virtual Teams: Closing the Distance and Driving Success
  • Ten Moves for Better Managing Morale
  • Great Strategies for Getting the Work Done with Fewer People

Mary Elston shows YOU how to apply real management solutions that build confidence; instill leadership skills!

Master your middle management universe even faster by scheduling a one or two day seminar or workshop on Mastering People Management Skills, hosted by Mary Elston. These lively sessions get into the meat of people management with hands-on interaction, real business examples, and no nonsense skills and guidance on how to overcome management frustrations and challenges. You can be a master of your success! Visit the Contact Mary page and send us an email asking for more details.

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