About Mary Elston

With over 25 years management experience in the transportation, telecom, consulting and technology industries, Mary Elston has managed several multi-million dollar business groups, spoken professionally at conferences and seminars and has been awarded a U.S. Patent.

Mary Elston has been meeting business management challenges for over 25 years in management positions with Fortune 1000 companies. She shows both the experienced and novice professional how to master the mayhem of management with proven skills that deliver “make a difference” success. Based on her management experience in the transportation, telecommunication, consulting, and technology industries, Mary shares secrets for achieving daily success that include how to: take on management challenges the right way, advance your career, avoid costly political blunders and develop your own winning management style. Mary will show you how to keep success in sight by managing right!

Contact Mary at 303-589-0799 or send an email to “mary” at masteryoursuccess dot com.

An avid public speaker, Mary’s management skills and expertise also include:

  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Expert management trainer; trained hundreds of professionals in one-on-one oriented seminar groups for utmost impact; trainer for larger groups as well — Take a look at Corporations represented by seminar participants
  • Seminar evaluations consistently rate Mary as an “excellent instructor with energy, enthusiasm and real world experience” — read more great reviews

More on Mary’s Speaking Background …

  • Featured speaker for over ten years on management and technology topics to audiences at national and international venues and conferences
  • Recipient of Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) designation from Toastmasters International

Mary is also an Author, Management Columnist, Patent Holder

  • Author of the book: “Master Your Middle Management Universe”
  • Author of the audio book/CD set: “Master Your Middle Management Universe and Manage Up!”
  • Management columnist for boating and marine trade magazine, Soundings Trade Only, Soundings Publications LLC, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Mary was awarded a U.S. Patent for a notification system and method she developed in the telecom industry

Mary lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, has two grown sons, and a large extended Italian family.

You can learn more about Mary’s management techniques through her book and audio book CD set available on the product page

Visit her Management Secrets biweekly blog which shares insights to “make a difference” management.

Discover management tips on the articles page to this site which contains copies of the management column she writes for Soundings Publications, LLC.

To invite Mary to speak to your business or group and share secrets to successful management, or to schedule a seminar, contact her today by sending an email to “Mary” at masteryoursuccess dot com or contact her at 303-589-0799.

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